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For Immediate Release: 25/02/15

Kitchener-Waterloo Couples Launches Digital Luxury Travel Magazine, Q. Oliver

Q. Oliver is a luxury digital travel magazine, encouraging friends and family to travel the world. 

Taylor Jackson and Lindsay Coulter, photographers and filmmakers, are teaming up with writers, photographers, and travellers to provide a unique look in to some of the world’s most unique experiences.

The goal of Q. Oliver is to be the catalyst to encourage readers to get out and try something they may not typically do. The Q. Oliver website aims to display “Experiences Worth Booking Flights For”, with experiences like swimming with wild pigs in the Exumas to rock climbing in Italy, these experiences will inspire travellers from around the world to look beyond the all-inclusive travel experience and in to a new world of luxury travel. 

Taylor Jackson and Lindsay Coulter are the director and producer behind last year’s documentary about startups in Waterloo Region, Startup Community. Jackson is the owner of Taylor Jackson Media Inc. - a media group providing photography and film services globally, and Lindsay Coulter is a wedding photographer and avid explorer. 

Travellers can interact with the writers of Q. Oliver with input on destinations or experiences they would like to see featured, and writers, photographers and bloggers are welcomed to submit their own work for consideration.


1.     Taylor Jackson & Lindsay Coulter, Founders of

1. Taylor Jackson & Lindsay Coulter, Founders of

2.   Turquoise Cay, Featured experience on

2. Turquoise Cay, Featured experience on

3. Swimming Pigs, Featured experience on

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