A Story About ALT Hotel Toronto
Words and Photos by Taylor Jackson


The ALT Hotel Toronto opened at Pearson Airport in Toronto a few years ago, and it quickly became my favourite hotel in the world.

It might be very strange to hear that an airport hotel in Toronto my favourite hotel in the world. While I love Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, and I will never stop talking about Hilton Bora Bora - ALT Toronto has my heart.

They are a small chain managed by the fantastic Groupe Germain out of Quebec.

Alt Hotel Toronto

ALT Toronto doesn't have a beach, a Michelin 3 star, room service or a valet. However, they will place a framed photograph of Bill Murray in your room if you ask nicely.

I stay with them before every morning trip because they're on the airport tram line. No waiting for a shuttle or taking a cab. Just wait 3 minutes and get on the train.

It is the most consistent hotel I have ever stayed in. Consistent down to the pricing -- rooms are the same cost every night of the year.