Less than one hundred miles from the supercar packed streets of Monaco and the cafe's of Nice and Cannes is a hidden gem known as Parc natural regional du Verdon. Over 4,000 miles into a two week road trip through France, Spain, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland I stumbled upon this park by accident and it turned into one of the photo highlights of my trip. 

Parc Verdon

Combine the sweeping roads and views of the Pacific Coast highway, and the terrain of the Grand Canyon and you get the Parc du Verdon. Highway D952 on the north side, and D71 on the south side both offer breathtaking views of the over 700 metre drop from canyon's edge to the river below. In the winter, sections of D71 nestled against canyon walls see zero sunlight leaving an alternating clear and snow filled road perfect for a unique picture.

If you're in the south of France, make sure to take a detour and enjoy this spectacular region.